Writer Interview-Donna Weaver

What inspired you to become a writer? I’ve always had stories going on in my mind. I’d been thinking of writing my personal history and decided it might be good to learn how to write so the end result wasn’t a cure for insomnia. I’d just missed National Novel Writing Month, so I decided to do my own, just to see if I could write a full-length novel. I did—80,000 words that I ended up selling to a publisher a couple of years (and 17 major rewrites) later. That book became the first in my Safe Harbors series.

Tell me what inspired this story. I wanted to write about things I liked. I’d had a dream about a man and a woman shipwrecked on a tropical island, so I thought that would be fun. I just needed to figure out how they got there. As a Navy brat, I’d sailed the Pacific three times by the age of thirteen. My husband and I had recently gone on a 25th anniversary Hawaiian circle cruise, so I was able to draw on those experiences. Also, my daughter lives in Hawaii, and during one visit we went on a snorkeling trip off the Na Pali Coast. I was able to interview the captain to help with the story.

Who are your favorite romance characters (besides your own?) This is going to take me way back, but I love a male character called Nicholas Sabine. He was in a book I read when I was in college called Moonraker’s Bride by Madeleine Brent (surprisingly the pen name for a man—he was asked to write a series of books because he wrote strong women. That’s what I like—strong women. I’m all about girl power but not exclusively. I love it when each of the love interests have skills/talents that complement each other so they can succeed together.

What is one of your favorite romantic locales? This is a tough one since I’ve used so many in my books: Hawaii, American Samoa, Montana, New York, Colorado, Utah, San Francisco (one of my favorites cities that I lived in during my teens), London, and Ireland. Both of those latter two are feature in my most recent books. London is a big focus for With the Magic (time travel) that released on Valentine’s Day, and Ireland is in Luck of the Billionaire that came out on St. Patrick’s Day. I went on a trip with several other authors who write in the Twickenham Time Travel series a couple of years ago for research.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?  I’ve lived long enough to have done a lot of things and seen a lot of the world. Probably my author bio summarizes it best:

Award-winning author, wife, mother, grandmother, Harry Potter geek, Navy brat, Army veteran, karate black belt, and online gamer girl.

Website: http://donnakweaver.com

Amazon Author Page:


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