Catching Bus 9 to Paradise

“…life is a paradise for those who love many things with a passion, people, food, flowers, music, dance, books, art, memories, poetry, family, learning– an endless list…The more passionately we love many things the closer we come to living out paradise NOW.”


Leo Buscaglia Bus 9 to Paradise

I happened to pick up this book after shoveling my snowy driveway before work. Commuting by bus once was an integral part of college and my early career, something I’m thankful to be past. That particular morning, had I seen an actual bus stop for Paradise I would have been the first in line.

Fortunately, paradise isn’t as far as it may seem (and better yet there’s no line). I’ve given Dr. Buscaglia’s writing a shout out in the past, but sound advice bears repeating. For those needing encouragement or suffering from an overdose of Valentine hype, Dr. Buscaglia’s writing is the perfect antidote.

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