Everyone Wants to Talk to the Governor

Sam’s Town, Las Vegas-20 Books to 50K Conference

Waiting for the 10:10pm flight back to Reno from the 20 Books to 50K Conference I noticed a tall elegant couple standing in line. They attracted a lot of attention, not only were they the best-dressed pair in the terminal (he in a tux, she in a midnight blue ball gown), they happened to be former Governor Sandoval and his wife Lily. They carried on a friendly conversation with the guy next to them, a regular Joe carrying a canvas backpack. Except for one slick businessman who made a point of getting a selfie with them, the pair were left alone though their presence created  quite a buzz among the other passengers.

Writers conferences also have their share of celebrities, an industry insider or best-selling author that everyone wants to talk to. It can be tempting to focus on the star and ignore the rest of the universe. Or worse, having a sense of genre bias and only hanging out with members of your genre. Such short-sightedness can really limit your experience.

At your next conference instead of focusing on who you want to meet, consider what you need to learn.  Do you need to find software tools to amp up your production, expand your social media presence or build a newsletter? Have a list of questions in mind when you head to the conference and talk to everyone.

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