Playing With Fire

img_0430As kids we were often told “Don’t touch the glass” and “Never play with fire.”  But Julia Tachihara does both (wearing the appropriate safety goggles of course).  Her well-lit studio in Sparks, Nevada is reminiscent of a magician’s workshop with colorful glass sheets and rods neatly lined up awaiting to be transformed into Lampwork beads and whimsical creatures.


There’s something magic about watching her form a bead in the fire. Julia admitted img_0431working with glass has been a kind of escape for her, though she opts for knitting or crocheting while watching TV. While the open flame is mesmerizing it also requires complete attention.

As passionate as Julia is about her craft, she graciously shares it with others through demonstrations and workshops.  These photos were taken during a demonstration at her studio at Reno Open Studios.  Workshop details and times are available on her website:

Julia has been an active part of the local arts community participating in the Y’Art Sale in July and recently Reno Open Studios. This fall Julia and her work will also be at the Reno Gem & Mineral Society Fall Artisans Craft Fair. img_0433November 11-13th. Reno Town Mall 4001 S. Virginia Street, Reno.


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