Four to Tango

IMG_0263The month of July is beloved for long summer days and the birth of our country. I’m particularly fond of July since it is my birth month that I share with one of my favorite writers. Maybe I should say he shares with me since he arrived first.

In Reno July is also the time of Artown, a month long celebration of the arts. Every day in July the Biggest Little City features concerts, workshops, art walks and all kinds of live performances in dance and theater.  Some events are ticketed, many are free.

What is best about Artown is that you can count on the unexpected. Yes, the local artWine-Ing Cats Reno galleries would feature new exhibits for July, but would you expect to see the Sierra Watercolor exhibit at Renown Medical Center? Or discover Wine-ing Cats at Wild Garlic

The Sweet Vibrations concert at First Methodist Church was filled with surprises. Naturally a string ensemble calling themselves The Red Tango featuring members from the Reno Philharmonic would wear red and perform tango music. You might not expect the playlist to span worldwide including “Blue Tango” written by the composer best known for “Sleigh Ride”. Or for audience members to be encouraged to participate. Once couple danced for several songs, their faces rapt with joyful reverence.

There is plenty to see and do, but only until July 31st.


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