Connecting with a childhood hero


A few of my favorite things including a spiderweb necklace.

“I think the best writing is often done by persons who are snatching time from something else—from an occupation, or from a profession, or from a jail term—something which is either burning them up, as religion or love, or politics, or which is boring them to tears, as prison or a brokerage house, or an advertising firm.”

E.B. White’s essay “Questionnaire” May 1942

Childhood pleasures rarely survive the transition to adulthood.  I wince when I think of the sitcoms I adored as a kid. I want to ask my ten-year-old self “What were you thinking?”

Fortunately great writers weather the test of time.  I loved “Charlotte’s Web” as a kid and for a long time a neon pink and white plush pig named Wilbur presided over the many paperbacks on my shelves. As a small town girl, the farm setting fascinated me especially since I didn’t have to do the chores inherent in country life.

Many years later when I discovered a book of his essays in a thrift store, I hesitated. What if the beloved storyteller of my childhood turned out to be a literary bore?  Reading his essays, I strolled with him through New York City and along the coast of Maine without missing a step.  I highly recommend “E.B. White Writings From The New Yorker 1927-1976” Edited by Rebecca M. Dale

Ladies if you’re not certain whether to fall for a city boy or a country gentleman,  you can have both with this author who wrote for “The New Yorker” and owned a salt water farm in Maine.  And he’s only a few pages away!

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