Back to Basics

bikini“My ideas usually come not at my desk but in the midst of living.” Anaïs Nin

During my own internal debate over the benefits of briefs vs boy shorts I happened to hear the following conversation between two Victoria Secret clerks:

Blonde “When I came to work, I headed straight to the bin and started folding panties.”

Brunette “Sometimes it’s a folding panties kind of day.”

I know what they mean. While I have never folded panties professionally, every job has its own mindless task that offers relief for a weary brain—around the house it might be dusting or filing in an office.

While creative pursuits are fulfilling in themselves, sometimes the daily grind can leave one too drained to tinker with a short story or sketch. But to completely ignore your creative desire can feel even more depressing. Consider some of the “dusting” you can do related to your creative life, sort your tools, tidy files, organize research references and professional contacts, and replenish supplies… Who knows, inspiration may hit while you’re in the midst of a mundane task. If all else fails, there’s always your underwear drawer.

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