The Gift of Creativity

Santa Holding Stack of GiftsIf you’re feeling guilty about pursuing your creative endeavors due to holiday demands on your time, consider the following quote from Carol Lloyd:

“I believe creativity is a gift giving in its highest form. Through your creative work, you can concentrate your inner self and manifest it in a form anyone, even a stranger can understand.  This alchemy of good art is one of the best things you can offer the world.”

Carol Lloyd-Creating a Life Worth Living

Admit it, aren’t you more inclined to have goodwill toward men (and women) if you’ve spent time with your creative pursuits?

And if you’re stuck on what to get for your favorite writer/actor/musician/ director/ dancer/artist… I would strongly recommend Lloyd’s book, Creating a Life Worth Living.   Her book includes course charting exercises as well as interviews with established artists from a variety of disciplines.  Best of all, she provides solid guidance for balancing creative career with gainful employment.

May your holiday season be filled with joy and creative endeavors!

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