Princess Party-Cinderella Moments

Describe a Cinderella moment from your life.

CO Billionaires Regina Duke

Of course, my Cinderella moment involves Buster the Wonder Dog. I’ve never been a “dress up” kind of gal, but last year at a dog show, Buster earned High Rally Points in Trial and the huge blue ribbon was twice as tall as he is. It was a lovely surprise, and I felt like a princess all day. Buster was my prince. 🙂

Regina’s Colorado Billionaires series is available as a set or individually.

SW Ever After Kindle Susan Winters

I was selected to do a reading of Past Imperfect, the story of my search for my birthmother. I had sent the article to numerous publications resulting in an impressive stack of rejection letters. My best friend, Debbie came along for moral support, since I was more than a little nervous about sharing my story with strangers in a funky bar in downtown Petaluma.

It was a perfect evening.  My story was warmly received—applause is something writers don’t get to hear very often. Two adoptees congratulated me personally during the break and shared their stories.  Their comments meant a lot to me.

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