Princess Party-Cinderella Moments

Describe a Cinderella moment from your life.

CO Billionaires Regina Duke

Of course, my Cinderella moment involves Buster the Wonder Dog. I’ve never been a “dress up” kind of gal, but last year at a dog show, Buster earned High Rally Points in Trial and the huge blue ribbon was twice as tall as he is. It was a lovely surprise, and I felt like a princess all day. Buster was my prince. 🙂

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SW Ever After Kindle Susan Winters

I was selected to do a reading of Past Imperfect, the story of my search for my birthmother. I had sent the article to numerous publications resulting in an impressive stack of rejection letters. My best friend, Debbie came along for moral support, since I was more than a little nervous about sharing my story with strangers in a funky bar in downtown Petaluma.

It was a perfect evening.  My story was warmly received—applause is something writers don’t get to hear very often. Two adoptees congratulated me personally during the break and shared their stories.  Their comments meant a lot to me.


Princess Party-Ashes to Fabulous

 If you’re having an ashes by the hearth moment, what is your best tip for snapping into princess mode?

CO Billionaires Regina Duke

A quick shower and a ribbon in the hair. Doesn’t matter how old you are, even curling ribbon pinned to your hair makes you feel festive. Silly? Maybe. But hey, Disney did singing mice and a pumpkin coach! Curling ribbon is nothing compared to that!


Susan Winters

A bright sweater and bling—I have an orange sweater that always scores compliments.  SW Ever After KindleAnd there’s nothing like shiny hoops or a sparkly bracelet to make a girl feel special whether she’s at the office or on the dance floor!

Ever After-Princess Party!

In celebration of the publication of Ever After, I’m having a princess party this week featuring princess trivia as well as random wit and wisdom from some of my fellow romance writers.

 What is your favorite princess movie or book?


Regina Duke

The Princess Bride!!! I love the humor, I love the heroine’s spunk and loyalty, and of course I love Mandy Patinkin. “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!”

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Sandra Edwards

Cinderfella with Jerry Lewis!

Susan Winters

A Little Princess (1905) by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a classic riches to rags to riches tale. It’s a childhood favorite of mine. At Miss Minchin’s exclusive boarding school, wealthy Sara Crewe is treated like a little princess. When her father dies in India, leaving Sara penniless, Miss Minchin shows her true colors forcing Sara to work as a drudge and live in the attic. Rich or poor Sara Crewe is gracious to all and relies on her vivid imagination to create a better world for herself and her friends.