Fairy Tales Come True–Ever After Release Day!

SW Ever After KindleI’m thrilled to announce that Ever After is now available from Amazon as an e-book!  I hope to have the print version available in a couple of weeks.

Special kudos to Sandra Edwards for her awesome formatting and Marian Kelly for her sharp editing skills. Isn’t the cover by Harris Channing incredible? I’d also like to thank Regina Duke who was my beta reader & cheered me on.


Roz Parker is worried by her husband’s moodiness and frequent trips to the gym. Is Dave on the treadmill or simply running around?

While her husband is away on business, Eden Jones discovers that their accounts have been completely wiped out. Will Alan return or has he disappeared along with all of their money?

In the face of crisis two childhood friends re-ignite their friendship and discover which magic truly lasts.



Lessons from a Party

author signingEarlier this spring one of my fellow romance writers, Lynda Bailey, hosted a group book signing party at her lovely home.   All participating writers had to contribute a gift basket to raffle.  I put together a seaside-themed gift basket and printed postcards with my e-book covers & blurbs.  I also packed cash to make change and extra pens and business cards.

Seeing too many lone authors sitting ignored at card tables in bookstores has convinced me that the party route is the best way to go. Besides great company and delicious food here’s what made her party a success:

  • Lynda’s husband bar tended and one of her good friends did gift basket 002the catering—leaving Lynda and the other authors free to mingle.
  • Food was kept simple and elegant, bruschetta, a fruit and cheese tray—no fussing with silverware.
  • Having several authors and their friends provided a diverse, but intimate crowd.
  • Be ready to tell potential readers what distinguishes your books from each other, either by setting, genre   or heat level (for romance writers).

Fast-forward to a jewelry party during the summer.  The jewelry rep who also worked at a local boutique brought several blouses to display the jewelry.  By doing this she was able to show off the versatility of the various pieces as well as promoting the wares of boutique.

When you are considering content for your blog, what are the natural go-withs?