Chaos & Creativity

“Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order.”solar system

Virginia Woolf

 If creativity brings order that universal law has yet to reach my corner of the world.  Creativity wreaks havoc in my house, especially if one of my kids is cooking.  In addition to the chocolate chip cookies spread across the dining room table to cool, canvas bags containing  knitting projects lurk in corners, notebooks share the bed with a snoozing cat and someone’s laptop is always balanced half-open on the back of the sofa.  Even my writing wanders through various notebooks refusing to remain in assigned files on a flash drive.

No doubt I would be more productive (and my house neater) if my muse was not so easily distracted. However every now and then a scarf emerges from random scraps of yarn and an eclectic ensemble of characters and anecdotes become a story.  While creativity can bring diverse elements into sync—there likely will be a mess first.

How does the creative spirit impact your universe?

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