Mixed Blessings-In Print!

Mixed_Blessings_Cover_for_KindleI’m excited to announce Mixed Blessings is now available as a print book from Amazon.   It is the same as the e-book version (just different cover).  My author’s copies arrived on my doorstep today and they look great.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Mom mentioned it was your birthday and I completely forgot.” Embarrassed Allison stared at her plate. Then Lynne remembered her birthday truffles. Wasn’t chocolate a universal cure-all? She peeked around the corner to make sure the kids were absorbed in their cartoons before she retrieved a box down from the top cabinet.

“These will be perfect with our coffee.” Lynne slid the gold box toward Allison who drew back from the box of truffles as if it would bite her.

“No thank you,” she replied her eyes downcast.  Lynne frowned. What had she done to upset Allison?

“I thought you liked chocolate.”

“I do. Keith bought truffles for me after a fight. He’d nag me about my weight and later he would bring me truffles as a peace offering. I thought if I was careful and did everything exactly right, he wouldn’t get angry at me, but I could never get it all right, something always happened.” She smoothed and straightened her paper napkin then gazed at Lynne.

“You must think I’m pretty stupid to love someone like that.”

“You’re not stupid for loving someone. But what he did to you was wrong,” Lynne replied

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