Case Closed

Recently, a certain NY Best-Selling Author made a few pointed comments regarding indie-published writers.  Thanks to the reach of the Internet, a short interview in a local paper  spread like wildfire creating a furor in the indie world.  She hinted that indie authors had taken the easy route, comparing them to novice musicians who set their sights on Carnegie Hall.

Despite all the uproar, her comments add nothing new to the trad vs. indie debate, I am disappointed that one of my former favorite authors would take such a narrow-minded perspective. While I’m proud of my roots in small press and indie publishing, I am not anti-NY. There are many routes to publication, which one is right for you depends on your needs, desires and resources.  In my current journey, I’ve had the opportunity to chart my own course and I’ve met some wonderful people. A recent email from a fan said she stayed up all night reading Mixed Blessings and she couldn’t wait for the next book-a comment I never would have received if I waited for NY to call.

Whatever path you choose, the time to start on your journey is now.