TMCC Writers’ Conference

Now in its 22nd year, the TMCC Writers’ Conference once again delivered a unique blend of literary agents, high profile and local talent for a day of instruction and inspiration.  In addition to an impressive line-up of speakers including authors, Jennifer LauckNina Amir and Shawn Grady, the conference provided opportunities to network during through round table discussions at lunch.

The conference offered a broad spectrum of perspectives on the craft and business of writing, two speakers impressed me with their ability to manage the writing, work life balance.   During his afternoon discussion on crafting a book, author and Reno firefighter, Shawn Grady noted he scribbled the first page of his novel on a napkin while at Starbucks.

 Even with full life as a firefighter and family man, Grady has three novels to his credit.

Broadcaster and writer, David Stipech noted that writing is not just about the craft or the work, it is about the endurance even when life is full.  He recommended the Great Escape approach to writing—sometimes large goals have to be approached in small increments like the prisoners who tunneled their way to freedom a spoonful of dirt at a time.

What unusual tools or small steps can you use to work toward your goals?

5 thoughts on “TMCC Writers’ Conference

  1. Nice post and thanks for the mention. The conference was wonderful. I wanted to say that David’s Great Escape method dovetails with blogging a book-a little bit every day over time. Before you know it you’ve written a book. I wrote How to Blog a Book on my blog by the same name in just 5 months writing an average of 350 words 3-4times a week on my blog. Of course, that was just the first draft. The final version is more than double in length. But that whole approach will definitely help you meet your writing goals.

  2. Hi Nina,
    Wow, 5 months to a book–those small steps really paid off! Your presentation on building a book proposal was really insightful–and a better understanding of the business side of the creative life is always much needed. All the best on the April 23rd release of How to Blog a Book!

  3. Excellent new blog! I will have to visit often. I miss writers’ conferences. I used to go to Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers every other year or so, but fell out of the habit during the four years I was dealing with family crises. Next year I should rethink our local conference.

  4. Hi Regina,
    I’ve been going to the TMCC Writers’ Conference since 2008 and I have always been impressed with the caliber program they deliver for the price. Hope to see you at the next one.

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